Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A little stitching progress and the drink that turned into a meal

I made a little stitching progress yesterday. I've been having fun working on the wooden key fob and will show my progress tomorrow (I forgot to take a picture). I was going to keep this for myself but I think I will give it to Mom for Mother's Day. A couple of days ago I was at Barnes and Noble (where I picked up all the magazines). They had a pretty hummingbird tote for sale which I picked up for her.
I plan on stitching her a card and giving her a gift card to the book store where she can take this tote and fill it up with books. I'm about half way finished with the fob, so hopefully I will pick out a card chart and get her a card stitched up before May 12th. 

I'm also very surprised at how quickly Monkey Wrench is stitching up using my OSADS methodology. I am a little worried though that I am going to run out of thread. I am fairly confident that I am going to run out of WDW Teal Frost. So what's a stitcher to do but to buy more and since I'm already buying one thing, I should probably buy more. I haven't decided whether to make the drive to the nearest LNS or to shop online. I am leaning towards online but that is mainly because I have almost convinced myself that I want to start the SamSarah Perpetual Calendar. I know that the year is half way over but I have spent most of that time trying to talk myself out of another big project. I definitely need to decide soon. I am a little worried that the dye lot might be a little off but in the famous words of Doris Day "Que sera, sera". 

The other day I found some very cute Americana fabric that I am going to use to finish up the Liberty Star that I stitched using my HoHoS methodology. Now to be honest I am famous (or maybe infamous) for finishing a project yet not really finishing it. I have a bag full of stuff that I completed but never actually framed or ornie-d up or did something with it. I really need to figure out a way to motivate myself to finish this last step. I guess I could start with taking pictures of all my un-finished finishes and putting them up here. I could then challenge myself to finish one a month. Hmmmm do I feel another acronym in the making? 

Finally, I will leave you with a picture of this awesome drink I had at Chomps in Gainesville. It is called The Mafia. It is a bloody Mary that included a skewer with Italian sausage, prosciutto ham, and cheese as well as the traditional olives, and pearl onions. The blood Mary mix was awesome. I am horrible with names but the bartender was fantastic. I have to admit that after drinking/eating this I was only able to finish a small part of the meal and took the rest home. They had a bunch of different varieties, if I am brave enough to do this again, I will definitely pick something much smaller for my meal. 

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