Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sarah Chapple 1831 - Shakespeare's Peddler

I have decided that I want to stitch Theresa from Shakespeare's Peddler's Sarah Chapple 1831 sampler

It is a reproduction sampler and I just love the colors in it. I am going to go about this decision backwards. Usually, I rush out and purchase the chart and then find my way around to stitching. I'm going to try something different with this project. I am first going to purchase the threads, then the material and finally the chart. This sampler calls for a lot of silk and as we all know silk is beautiful but pricey. I really want to do this chart, so I am going to periodically purchase the silks, then I will purchase the linen and finally the pattern. My hope is that once I have all of my supplies, it will be very easy to motivate myself into stitching the sampler. 

Here is the list of silks; where the number is listed more than once means multiple skeins, as you can see one of the silks is already marked off because I purchased it this morning :) 

Silks Needed:

Au ver a Soie 2212        Au ver a Soie 3724    Au ver a Soie 3745 3745    Au ver a Soie 4525 4525 4525

Needlepoint Silk (NPS) 333       NPS 336      NPS 505 505 505    NPS 976

Gloriana Elizabethan Green   Elizabethan Green 

Gloriana Holly Berry

Gloriana Spanish Moss   Spanish Moss

Gloriana Vanilla          

Silk n Color (The Thread Gatherer) Linsey Woolsey  Linsey Woolsey

Linen Needed:

40 count 18th Century Rook by R&R

Chart Needed:

Sarah Chapple 1831 by Shakespeare's Peddler 

As I purchase stuff, I will update this post by marking out the purchased item. Hopefully, this endeavor actually ends with me stitching this sampler, instead of adding it to my increasing stock of want to dos. 

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