Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Angel's Ink and some stitching and a maybe reading list

I thought I would talk about this book I am reading, Angel's Ink: The Asylum Tales by Jocelynn Drake. When I first started the book, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. The main character is Gage, described as a rogue warlock. He is now "hiding in plain sight" and owns a tattoo parlor called, Asylum. He has a troll, Bronx, and an elf, Trixie, who work with him. The premise is that he left the "Towers" because basically witches and warlocks are mainly corrupt. If uses any major magic his guardian will swoop in and kill him (although mainly he has just been giving him WTF type lectures). He is able to "stir potions" into tattoo ink which give them slight magical properties because this is something that all of the good tattoo artists are able to do and is not considered magic. A girl enters his shop and asks him to tattoo angel wings on her back. He feels bad for her because she is dying and "stirs" something extra into the ink. This is where the action begins to pick up. I began this book because of  reviews from Goodreads comparing it favorably to Butcher, Harrison and the like. I haven't completely committed that this will be a good series, I'm only about half way into it, but it is definitely hopeful. Sometimes, the writer bogs things down a bit and sometimes, you feel like he is introducing too much to soon. I have a feeling that this book is really just setting up all of the characters for a better book to come, but it is definitely interesting enough to keep reading.

I am always look for new authors to read but have noticed that I have begun to narrow my reading down almost exclusively to urban fantasy, fantasy and alternate realities. I am now trying to decide between two different options that halt this horrible trend into being a one genre reader. My first option is to commit to reading the classics. I have joined a nice group in Goodreads, Classics Without All the Class. I was supposed to read a Brave New World, I even got the book, but have yet to read the first page. The next book in their rotation is Anna Karenina. I think part of my problem is that I read both of these books many years ago and so I can't quite get interested. The second option involves Free Friday Books from Nook. These are free books that come out every Friday from Nook and run all over the place in genres. I'm kind of leaning toward the second option because it seems fun and in fact that is where I got the book that I am currently reading.

So, I"m going to think about this for a bit, or at least until I finish Angel's Ink, before I decide.

I did get some stitching done and stitched on OSADS, HoHoS, and BAP-T and put some pics on the OSADS and HoHoS pages. I did some of my stitching during lunch and the other part of my stitching waiting for Sean to finish his night class, BAP-T only got a little bit of stitching done in the evening, as it is on my standing frame at home.

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