Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Friday!!!!

My goodness but I have had a busy end of the week. While my mom can still drive, my preference is that she not drive more than 15-20 minutes away from home by herself, as most of the stores that she goes to her are well within that distance. This is not to say that if she wanted to drive somewhere farther that she can't, it's mainly that I would rather she didn't as her health is not great and her hearing is even worse. With all of that said, mom had back-to-back doctor appointments on Wednesday and Thursday. The timing of them made it very impractical for me to go to work and then leave, as it is about a 45 minute drive one way from my work to mom's house. So, I took a the days off to take her to her appointments which are about 45 minutes from mom.

All and all, I think we had fun. Her appointments went well *yeah* and we went out to eat a couple of times. I also stopped off at a thrift shop and found some nice items. I am always starting and stopping collections, and right now I have decided to collect teapots, teacups, old sewing notions, and handwork. The shop I found is located by some storage units and the owners sell the stuff that is abandoned. I ended up spending $15 and I think I found some neat stuff.

First, I  found this adorable demitasse size teacup set. It has one small chip but as it is fairly old; the markings on the bottom say Occupied Japan, I didn't mind. Mom, who has been collecting china forever, says that it is difficult to find china from Occupied Japan. Okay, I will admit that my original intention was to make some pincushions using the teacups I found. In my internet travels, I found this great idea using a ball of wool yarn as the "filling". Because of the denseness and flexibility of the yarn, you really would not need to use glue to keep it. This appealed to me. Unfortunately, I forgot to save where I saw this, so I cannot give credit to the correct person for this wonderful idea. If and when I find, I will give credit.

As you can see, the inside of this teacup is just too pretty to cover up.

This of course meant that I had to keep looking *wink*. And I quickly found this set of two pretty white cups. They also had interesting markings on the bottom which said Kaiser W Germany. 

In the course of my wonderings, I also found this ashtray. It is trimmed in gold paint and the markings on the bottom say Bavaria Germany U.S. Zone. I have never seen china with this marking before and couldn't passi it up for .50. The more I look at it, the more I think I can create, what I am calling in my head, a pin tuffet.

The last thing I found was a crocheted angel/doll. I purchased it for two reasons, first, I think it is important to try and save decent handwork when we find it and the crochet work on this is nice. What I really wanted though was the doll frame. Basically the top of this doll was glued to the bottom of plastic champagne glass. I have a pattern in one of my magazines for a cross-stitched doll dress that required a china doll torso base. Well, I was never able to find one in any of my local stores and when I went online they were a little pricey for something I wasn't sure I would every finish. This little doll was .25. I figure that even if I never do the cross-stitched doll dress, I can still either just let it stay the way it is or deconstruct it and use the crochet work in a sampler or crazy quilt project.

On a side note, ignore the mess in the background. I am in the process or redoing (okay cleaning) my craft area. I will show you the enormity of this mess in a different posting, after I have cleaned it up. 
I did get some stitching done and updated the HoHoS and OSADS pages with those pictures. I worked on BAP-T but didn't take any pictures because right now it is slow going with multiple color changes.

I thought I would end this Friday posting sharing some of the clever things I found at Robins Designs on  Etsy, yes they are a little geeky but you almost never find this stuff in a regular shop:

Periodic Table of the Elements 
Schrodinger's Cat

Tardis 3-D Pattern 
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

Happy Friday everyone and consider stitching something for the nerd in your life (we all have at least one). 

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