Friday, April 12, 2013

Update on Torreador and a cool serial book

I have an update on my Hallucinogenic Torreador from Cross Stitch Collectibles, and a better picture (it's a wonder what remembering to use a flash can do)

I do have a thread that kind of looped over but you can see from the post before that I have gotten quite a bit done, in fact I am almost finished with page 2. Here is a picture of the full design which gives a more depressing reality check of how much needs to be done

Now you can see how I have just managed to get one very small corner of the design completed, but I persevere on and hope that I can meet my October 2013 deadline. The very shiny threads you see are how I grid for these BAPs. When I first started gridding, I used nylon thread but didn't like it. I then moved onto to the Easy Count Guideline stuff. This works great for 14 count Aida and possibly other Aida but if you are using evenweave or linen it is just too bulky. I was looking through my stash when I realized that I had a bunch of Sulky metallic and holographic threads. So far its working great. The big test will be pulling it from under a heavy stitch block. The only other BAP I've used it on had areas where the fabric showed through and it pulled through the heavier stitching relatively easily with no breaking. I think to be safe that after I finish this second page, I will snip the thread and see how it pulls out. If it pulls out easy, I will test it on a bigger area. I definitely don't want to find out after I finish the entire thing that the thread breaks, I would hate to have to try and pick it out because as you can see the shiny threads do peak through. 

On a totally different front, I want to talk about Clean Sweep. This is an online serial book that is being offered and written by Ilona Andrews (a husband/wife team). If you like alternate reality/fantasy fiction you will love this book. The plot line is interesting and the characters are engaging. Go to this link and check out the book .

Happy weekend!!!!

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