Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Been Forever....

Well, it's been forever (years in fact) since I created and then abandoned this blog. I am going to reattempt this and see what happens. I'll start with catching up my life.

My personal life has been a complete mess. My father passed away two years ago and my mother has had her ups and downs. During this time, I have been attempting to complete my master's degree but every time I start doing well, something would happen with one or both of my parents. I am so far in debt trying to do this that now I feel that I have to complete it. Right now I am taking a break, because again I had a parent issue that interfered with my ability to be successful. I'm hoping to start back in a couple of months. Also, I now have three grand children (all from the same son), one girl (soon to be 6), a boy (soon to be 3) and another boy (just turned 1). There is always drama going on with one or another of my sons (remember I have 3, who are supposed to be all grown). My oldest will be getting married in December 2014 while the other 2 are both still married. My job is still what it is but hopefully if I can get a little luck will be something different soon.

Now on to what I am doing reading and stitching-wise. I still read all of my favorite authors and just finished Patricia Briggs Ever After (The Hollows, #11)  and Kim Harrison's latest installments...loved them both. I'm also trying to go back to the classics and read Brave New World but haven't actually started it yet. Right now I am reading an alternate reality, fantasy book  Demon Hunting in Dixie (Demon Hunting, #1). The main thing that I like about it is that it makes me smile.

Stitching-wise I am working on a couple of projects. Finishing up Ink Circles Monkey Wrench, HAED Fragile Storykeep, Stoney Creek O Holy Night and starting up a huge project for a retirement gift. It is Cross Stitch Collectibles - Hallucinogenic Torreador. On April 3rd, I took pictures (albeit bad ones) that showed how far I had gotten 2 weeks into the process.

I have pretty much abandoned everything else trying to  keep progress up on this BAP (it has 49 pages and needs to be finished by Oct no later than Nov). Here's hoping that I do what I say and keep up with this......

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