Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Being a Mom and Scratch Offs

I have often told people that if I was being honest, I would admit that my children would probably have been better off if they had been raised by wolves. Now don't get me wrong, it isn't that I was a Mommy Dearest kind of mom, it is more a case of my being a Sybil kind of a mom. By this I mean that one minute I was the fun let's go to do something mom and the next minute I was why won't these children go find their real mother. And yes, I admit to actually telling my boys that they should go find their real mom because she misses them.

Now saying this you would think all of my boys would be off living their lives and grateful that they were out from under my precarious wing. Well, for the most part they do live their own 29, 28 and 26 year old lives. But they like most children still come to me for help. One of my boys right now has had just the worst year ever. It is definitely a case of stepping out of a pile of horse manure and into a pile of cow crap. So, as a way of trying to help him out, we have been car pooling to work. We both work at the same place, so this kind of works out. I'm not sure if you can call it carpooling though because we are using my truck and I don't have use of said truck except to go back and forth to work a couple of days a week. He uses the truck all of the other days. Right now my mom has not been driving as much as she used to because she is practically deaf and driving makes her nervous. So, she is generously allowing me to use her car on the days when my truck is  otherwise unavailable. Hopefully, God willing and the creek don't rise, the "carpooling" will come to a very grateful (at least on my part) end sometime in June.

Where this gets aggravating is that when we do carpool, I arrive at work an hour earlier than I need to and because my son takes classes, stay about 4 hours later than I need to. For the most part, I don't mind helping him out because as I said his situation is just ridiculous. I guess this also means that I'm not nearly as horrible a mom as I could be. Sometimes I use this extra time for stitching, but I'll be honest and admit that more often than not I end up reading. I always bring my stitching but don't stitch near as often as I should.

Monday was a late day, so I decided that I was just not doing fast food type food. For those of you wondering, yes it is assumed that mom (me) will treat for dinner, although occasionally I am the treated.  The restaurant I wanted to go to was closed on Mondays, so we went to Ichiban Sushi, I had never been, usually I can't find anyone who will do Asian with me. We ordered a sweet and spicy roll to share and then Sean got chicken teriyaki and I got spicy ginger salmon. It was all delicious. Sean kept challenging me to put more wasabe on my roll, but wasabe doesn't really bother me, so he soon got bored. We each got a mixed drink but it wasn't until the end of the meal that I remembered that Sean ordered a second drink because he didn't like the first. He kept to Mom's rules though, that not drink goes un-drunk and finished it. I don't know what he was thinking, it was a martini, of course he was not going to like it. My drink came under martini's and in a martini glass but it was sake and plum wine...yummy. Although, it was a pricey meal, it still was very nice. I think that at least twice a month, I will treat myself and someone else to a very nice meal. Yes, money was spent but heck I think you should always seek out enjoyment because life will eventually bite you in the ass.

The other thing I decided to do was to purchase scratch-offs each payday. I figured I would have to go big or go home, relatively speaking, as go big for me is spending $20. I decided to purchase five $5 tickets (all the same). The first three scratch offs were a complete bust and I was bumming. The last one I won $30!!! I think I will save $10 to go into a scratch-off kitty for next payday and then spend the other $20 on more tickets. I know I am playing a suckers game but hey remember the seeking enjoyment thing I'm trying. If I win, I will put all of the money into a "get me something nice kitty". If I loose, I will definitely have to reconsider my game plan. To play it safe, I have decided to try and set it a mental limiter and only "re-invest" my winnings once in a payday.

I"m off to re-invest....

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