Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Strand a Day Stitching

I have been stalking  reading other stitcher blogs and discovered a rotation method called "One Strand A Day" stitching. Some of the bloggers I should give credit to are Rebecca at Needle Niche and Marjo at A Southener..., there were a few others but many of them are no longer blogging.

How do you do it?

The premise is uber easy. You pick up your project and pull one strand of thread and then stitch until that thread is no more. I'm sure there are those out there that would go through and pick all of the symbols for that color but that screams confetti stitching to me and who among us really likes that?

How will I do it?

I am going to use monochrome style patterns and therefore it will be very easy for me to do this. Right now I am working on Monkey Wrench (Ink Circles) and although it is not truly a monochrome pattern, it is set up in large blocks of color. In my UFO collection storage area, I have Bethlehem by Imaginating. I put that one away a long time ago, because I decided to stitch it over 1 on 40 count. At the time, the idea sounded great and I think it will be lovely when finished. But the reality of all of those tiny stitches did beat me up and call me names. 

Why would I do it?

I've decided to try it for two reason, the Torreador truly is a BAP that has become all consuming. If I decide to stitch on something else, I worry that I will never finish the Torreador by its deadline. All of this obsessing is making me just a little resentful of the Torreador, so I'm hoping that if I commit to stitching just a little bit on a different project each day that I will be less resentful. Also, I have never like being bullied and I've been trying to think of a way to motivate myself to picking Bethlehem back up because I know it will be gorgeous when its finished as it will be about 1 1/2 inches by 10 inches. 

Last thought

In the next day or so, I will post some pictures of Monkey Wrench and maybe a new page showing its progression.  One Strand a Day Stitching seems very long so from this point on it shall be called (tum, ta, tummmmmm) OSADS. That acronym kinds of makes me giggle.  One might ask why the giggle, and I would answer mainly because the oh so truly sad part about this is that I have spent oh so much time thinking about it. Oh well such is the life of the stitching obsessed. 


  1. Hello

    Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it.
    Your Torreador is awesome!
    I'm a one project at a time stitcher otherwise I wouldn't get anything done.

    1. Hi Poppy,

      I'm so glad you found me. I tend to do several projects at a time but the Torreador will be the second largest project I've ever done. I have a box full of finished cross stitch that I need to go through and take picture of. I'm notorious for finishing a project and then never actually getting around to framing it....hmmmm I may be keyed on to a blog topic:)