Saturday, April 13, 2013

Love these highlighters

I was cruising the internet recently and discovered Jet Pens. It is a somewhat pricey but very cool online store that carries pens, scissors, tape and all sorts of gadgets. There are all kinds of things at this store that I liked but I kept hesitating because, as I said, they are pricey. When I couldn't find a similar product in any of the office supply stores locally, I finally caved and got these wonderful pastel highlighters

I ended up buying two packages ($8.25 each) and the cool silicone pouch. I was afraid that I would really like the highlighters and then with my luck the company would stop carrying them right when my highlighters needed to be replaced. So far, I love them! Like many of you, I highlight what I have stitched. How I do this is, I first mark the area I want to stitch in one color and then remark the area after it is stitched with a different color. What was challenging is that sometimes after you mark with that second color it is difficult to read your  chart because of the darker color (you know, during those dreaded frogging sessions). I took a couple of pictures, so you could see the difference. The darker page is where I used a standard highlighter the other page is where I used the Zebra Soft Color Double Sided Highlighters
You can in the bottom where I had marked what I was going to stitch in yellow, the other areas are where I had stitched and marked them in blue - creating a pastel green 

This shows the contrast between traditional highlighters and these softer color highlighters

As a I side note, this is the first time that I have stitched with my chart on my stitching surface. I usually have it on a table off to my side. I think I like it this way, but I'm still not sure. This weekend I am also trying to create some DYI stitch clips. You can see from progress pictures that the fabric is a little floppy on the edges. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I am cheap but I am definitely too thrifty to drop down $25 for stitch clips. I purchased my materials the other day, I found this really soft, very pretty elastic, for about $11. I will post pics on Monday and you will see if my DIY was a success or a total failure.

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