Saturday, April 20, 2013

Acronyms all over the place

As I stitch this weekend, I've begun obsessing yet again about how much time Torreador, here to its end to be known as BAP-T, is taking. So I'm kind of thinking of starting a sort of rotation (hmmm, ASOR *teehee*). My thoughts on this are I have so much stuff I want to stitch that although I still really want to do this stitching project for Alan, he and I have worked together for over 10 years, my fingers are itching to touch my other stitching projects.

So here is my thought process. I will continue stitching BAP-T every day. I will also continue doing my OSADS but will hopefully do less frogging (see Day 3). What I'm thinking of doing is creating Hour of Holiday Stitching (HoHoS), yeah I know you guys are getting sick of the acronyms, but really they make me *teehee* each time. In reality I won't be able to HoHoS every day but I'm going to try and HoHoS at least every weekend day and maybe a couple days of the week.

How do HoHoS work?, you might ask/

Well let me tell you. As with most of my plans I do try to KISS (keep it simple stupid - really, you knew that would be too easy for me to ignore). The plan goes something like this:
  1. Pick a holiday, any holiday, chart.
  2. Stitch it for an hour.
Wow! That seems almost too simple you might say.

Yes, and of course, so, I will have to shake it up just a little. I mean really there are a lot of holidays out there and I have a lot of  holiday "smalls" that are just begging to be stitched up, hopefully finished, and then set out in cuteness to be adored by all (okay maybe just me). 

So, how are you going to address this over KISSed idea?, you might ask.

Well, in hopes of not completely de-KISSing it, my plan is to kinda sort of create holiday weeks. 

Holiday weeks, hmm, that seems very de-KISSy-like, you might say. 

So here is my thought. I'll be honest and say that Christmas is my very favorite holiday, with Halloween a close second, Easter a distant third and then all the rest. So that I how am I going to "create" these holiday weeks. Simple ;)
  • First week of month - Christmas
  • Second week of month - Halloween
  • Third week of month - Easter
  • Fourth week of month - all the rest, 4th of July, St Patrick, Thanksgiving, etc.
Technically that means that since it is Saturday, I should stitch Easter, which since I have time, I will. Remember it is just an hour. Sunday I will stitch 4th of July. 

Here's hoping that I don't quickly abandon HoHoS...hmm...Ho Hos..wonderful delectable treats, I miss you. 

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