OSADS (One Strand a Day Stitching)

As I mentioned before, I am worried that the Torreador will become a dreaded project if I don't switch things up every now and then. But remember, I have this stupid deadline. After some blog stalking and some thinking I came up with my OSADS plan. The plan is pretty basic:
  1. Pick a monochrome or block color pattern. 
  2. Each day stitch one strand of floss on that pattern. 
  3. Rinse, repeat until pattern is done and then go back to step 1. 
After a horrible dog attack, I was forced to retire Ink Circles Monkey Wrench and have moved on to

Bethlehem by Diane Arthurs 

I had previously worked on this a few years ago.

Most recent progress - pic taken 6/20

Progress update - pic taken 6/30

Progress update - pic taken 7/3

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