Monday, February 14, 2011

Back in mood----and greed

So it's been awhile since I blogged and I'm not sure why that is...probably because it took effort and I flat out did not have the energy for the effort.

The end of the year was just bad all around. I was in a car accident (car totaled - me fine) and that same day my dad was placed in a Hospice Care Center. The wonderful people at the Chiefland FL Hospice Care Center were wonderful. My father could not have been in a better place and they made his last days on this earth as comfortable as possible. After that it was all about helping my mom through the process and dealing with the insurance companies (life, car, AFLAC-just name one). I was also informed that because my progress was not as expected that I would need to sit out at least 6 months from my graduate program. So yes, it was quite a few hits and took up all of my energy.

I am now starting to get some of my mojo back, although I am still without a vehicle...but that is for another post.

For cross stitchers who understand, I am in a stitching rotation with 3 projects. All of these projects are gifts and I have to selfishly admit that I can't wait to be done with them so I can work on something for me.

So, my resolution is to do better and blog more often.

I must give credit for my renewed enthusiasm to Lynn from Happiness is Cross Stitching blog. Google sent me to her when I was look for some finishing instructions and she has a wonderful Valentines Day Giveaway. Well greed being the motivator that is stated that if I posted a pic of her giveaway that this would increase my chances. To be honest I just think anyone interested in cross stitching should check out her is really great. - she is also one of the blogs that I follow (and no that was not motivated by greed..I immediately bookmarked her in several places before even thinking about coming here...yes beginning to feel a little guilty about my greediness...but come on guys her stuff is really nice)