I was looking at this page and realized that I needed to clarify what the heck this is. Basically, I am a little ADD when it comes to stitching and need to work on more than one thing or I begin to hate that one thing and stop stitching it. So in an attempt to ward of stitching stagnation, I created HoHoS, Hourly Holiday Stitching. I decided to shake it up a bit and assign holidays to certain weeks of the month.

  • First week of month - Christmas
  • Second week of month - Halloween
  • Third week of month - Easter
  • Fourth week of month - all the rest, 4th of July, St Patrick, Thanksgiving, etc.

Each week I will be stitching on a holiday type item and sharing my progress here.

Fourth of July 

Progress so far - pic taken 6/20/2013

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