2013 WIPs (Works in Progess)

I try to do a rotation type of stitching but with a heavy deadline ahead of me (see posts on Hallucinogenic Torreador), I'm afraid I might have to abandon my rotation. What I usually do is either stitch an area or segment of a chart or if working on a HAED (or similar) work a row of a page and once that is done stitch on the next in the rotation or if I am feeling like I am getting nowhere I might throw in a quickie small so I can say that I finishing something.

Right now my rotation (if I decide to go back to it) would be the BAP Torreador, then Monkey Wrench (mainly because it's almost finished), then O Holy Night (it would be nice to have it finished before Xmas), and then Fragile.

Main BAP - Hallucinogenic Torreador - Cross Stitch Collectibles

O Holy Night - Stoney Creek

Fragile Storykeep  - HAED

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