Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well it's been a busy bit

I've been busy with all sorts of things. I went on a job interview Monday and then on Tuesday was offered the job. On Wednesday, I resigned from my current position and then on Thursday, my current job gave me a counter offer so I decided not to resign. Whew! What a busy up and down week.

A midst all of that, I didn't really get much stitching done as I had finally received my beautiful fabric from Polstitches Designs in the UK. This fabric is for my Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL that I mentioned a while back. The fabric is gorgeous; it is called Monsters and Mermaids (very appropriate for the pattern). Here are a few pics
This light didn't show the colors the way I wanted.

This light was better 

Here is it with the bling, floss, and braid (I was actually short a few DMC)

The pattern uses size 8 beads, so I decided to stay with the recommended 28 count. I have decided to grid as a go. This is a mystery stitch, so I don't want to make an error in counting and then be faced with a bunch of frogging. Before I gridded, I neatened the edges with buttonhole stitch. I began stitching the first part last night and am hopeful that I will finish the first element tonight. It is the cutest fish ever. I decided to stitch the fish over 1. I'm hoping that I it will compliment the utter cuteness of this fish. As soon as I can I will post a picture.

I pretty much stopped stitching on my other projects but as soon as this first fishie is done, I will go back to my rotation. On a side note, Polstitches Designs were ridiculously fast in getting my fabric to me. I received it in about 12 days. I highly recommend them!

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