Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL

I recently joined an awesome SAL - Passione Ricamo's Mystery SAL...journey into the deep. It is a mermaid picture and so far what I can see of the final design is simply gorgeous. The sign up for the SAL ends on July 30, 2013, so if you want to join...join now. The design calls for DMC floss, Petite Braid, and beads, beads, beads. I have all of my wonderful bling and now I am only waiting on my beautiful fabric which I ordered from Polstitches. It's funny I was very apprehensive about ordering from overseas but then when I become involved with the Facebook group for this SAL, I realized that many European and UK stitchers order from the states all the time. It made me realize that I had become a somewhat narrow minded stitcher. Well, all of that is changing now. Since I don't have my fabric, I don't have any stitching to show you, but I can share this wonderful picture of the fun fishies in the picture as it has been released on the Passione Ricamo website:

I look forward to sharing my progress. I know many might say, don't you have enough stitching in the works? Well, yes, I probably do, but I can't seem to help my ADD stitching tendencies. Tonight I will take pictures of my works in progress which include the Dali Torreador picture, the Bethlehem silhouette, a JABC pic for my brother, a Lizzie Kate for my sister, a UK mag project for my other brother, some Xmas stuff, and now the Mystery SAL for me!

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