Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kreinik the thread we all love to hate...KreinikGirl to the rescue

Many people will not even attempt to use Kreinik or any other metallic thread because of the horror stories passed down from stitcher to stitcher. While many of these horror stories are true, I urge stitchers to be brave and stitch on. The finished product that uses metallics always has a wonderful bling-y beauty about it, that you will happy that you persevered. 

There are hints galore about how to successfully use metallics. The three universal truths are:

  1. Use short lenghts, preferably no longer than 12 inches. 
  2. Use a needle big enough to allow the thread to pass through without too much rubbing against the fabric. 
  3. Use some sort of conditioner. Most use Thread Heaven but bees wax works well also. 
If you follow these three main hints, you will lessen your frustration and increase your success. As you work with metallics you will probably discover tricks of your own. 

KreinikGirl from Mr. XStitch's blog recently blogged about a cool idea using braids, which she entitled Altered Threads. I enjoyed reading it so much, I was tempted to just excerpt the entire blog. But once the giddiness cleared my head, I remembered that we were only in the cloud and that you could just as easily access the link. With that said I do want to share some photos on how to rouche braid. 

The tree is loosely rouched braid and the ribbon is tightly rouched,

Quick pictorial on how to rouche braid.

She also introduced two products that I had never heard of:

Kreinik wired thread called Wired Facets

Threadworx overdyed metallics

The main point of ThreadGirl's blog was that you should embrace the fraying tendency of metallics and incorporate that into your stitching...make these threads work for us. 

Now go forth an conquer metallic thread!!!!!


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