Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Demise of the wooden fob

Sadly, the wooden fob that I made for Mom for Mother's Day is no more. I was worried when I finished it that the wood might not hold up to rough handling. Apparently, sometime yesterday while Mom was out and about the little wooden piece where the ribbon had been thread  through broke away leaving only the ribbon. I have no idea where the fob is but Mom was sad when I informed her that it was not on her key chain. I was a little bummed also, mainly because I thought it was cute, quick gift. I had been thinking about ordering some of the wooden pieces off of Etsy to make more key chains because of how quick it was to stitch up but have decided against it. Having a run of just two days before breaking is not a good thing and at a little over two inches in diameter there a bit big for a necklace (at least that I would like). So sadly, my quick gift idea must now be abandoned, but on the up side it was a free kit from my CrossStitchers mag. I wish now that I had taken a pic of the sad forlorn ribbon, but since I didn't I will leave you with a pic of what once was.

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