Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Page Finished!!!! and some news

That's right I have finished page 4 of BAP-T

Page 4 finished,!!!! :)

Adds a little more perspective of how much I have to do :(

I keep hoping that it will starting moving a little faster. I think it might the top of this has a lot of color changes because of the small windows and the shading. Of course, as soon as the color changing slows down I will probably whine about the lack of color changing :) Some of you might be wondering what is up with the needles and floss off to the side. Well, I had seen a pretty cool idea for organizing floss while stitching which basically involved printing a table with floss symbol and color and then putting that table into a sheet protector. While it works great, I have noticed that unless you are very careful, the threads will pop out of their respective holes. When this happens, I put them aside on this little butterfly magnifier and just wait until I go to my chart, see that the thread is missing and the match up the color. Yes, this is a very imperfect system, but right now I can't think of something that works better. I have a Pako needle organizer, but never use it. I found that more often than not, it was just a bit too cumbersome for me. When working on big projects like this, I like having needles already threaded. It just seems easier to me. If anyone has any good suggestions on how the organize their needles and thread when working on big projects, please share them.

I also worked on my Easter pic and finished a Halloween pic

Lizzie Kate - Easter Bonnet

Primitive Needle - Wicked (freebie)
For Wicked, I really changed up the colors. It called for Crescent Colors Belle Soie which I had none of. So I substituted with overdyed cotton. Here are my substitutions:

Called for                                     Used
Belle Soie Attic Tea                      Crescent Colors Whatley Woodlands
Belle Soie Noir                             Gentle Arts Witches Brew (this was a limited edition)
Belle Soie Teddy Bear                  Gentle Arts Acorn
Belle Soie Lasagne                        Cresent Colors Lobster Claw

All in all, I am happy with the results and I think it will become a pillow when it is finally finished.

Right now I am working on another Halloween freebie from Primitive Needle - By the Light of the Moon. I'm trying to clear up some of my stash and unearthed these freebies from Lisa Roswell of Primitive Needle. As many of you already know, she was tragically lost to us 2 years ago when she was swept away in a river flooding. I have really been enjoying stitching her work and plan on looking through my stash and finding more of her designs.

Okay, here is the news - although I don't have that many followers, I am going to be brave and say that I will do a give away as soon as I reach ten followers. I promise that this give away will include at minimum a chart, fabric, needle, and floss. After looking at my ridiculous supply of stash, I think it is only fitting that I share the wealth or as my mother, who does not have a stitching heart, would say "Get rid of that crap". More details to follow, as I look through my treasures to decide what would be appropriate.

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