Monday, August 2, 2010

First day up....

So, I've kinda sort of created a blog. I decided to call this blog Rose Colored Glasses because some of my most favorite people tend to look through life with Rose Colored Glasses and I have often envied them that ability. One of my life goals is to begin to let things go and to look at life through Rose Colored Glasses.

Eventually, I will be putting up photos of family and other stuff, but I have to set that up with Picasa (wow this blogging is more complicated than I thought).

Today, is my first day back to work in awhile, as I have been taking care of the parents and already in just a few minutes I leave to do some more parental care taking things. One of my main goals today was to get the paperwork for FMLA. I found out that I went into the negative on leave and I need to get the paperwork so HR can make it official. I now have to take all this paperwork to various doctors and bring it back to work.

A little bit a go, I was talking with my boss/coworker and our conversation got me to thinking about my Grandmother, Helen Rogers. Grandma was a remarkable woman. Her mother died when she was a young girl and she helped take care of her sisters and brothers. She and my grandfather supported their young family and many other family members through the Great Depression, she had six children and lived long enough to see all of her children grow up, grandchildren and even great grandchildren be born. But what I remember most about her is her resilience of spirit. I can remember her telling me "Now Kathy, don't worry because God will only give your as much as He knows you can handle". I remember laughing at her and saying that I think God and I should have had a conversation first about what I really could handle. Grandma was the matriarch of our family and it is in moments like this morning that I remember how much she was loved and how much we all truly miss her.

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  1. So my sister, Terri, couldn't figure out how to make this work so she placed her comments on Facebook. It turned out I didn't put the correct settings in. Anyway, one of my goals is to remember family and have a place for our stories.

    Here is her comment:

    Things I remember most about Grandma -- her GRAVY --- any kind... didn't matter -- it was delish... her baking, e...specially her Bananna Bread and going to her house for Sunday Dinner. About her 6 kids... I don't think she saw one of her boys grow up... I remember hearing that he died when he was around 2 (not positive).... you will be a great blogger... as you are a super writer.