Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As God is my witness...

So there I was last night sitting in the kitchen holding my Sprint Overdrive data card in my hand, shaking it in the air while I cried out “Why, oh why, will you just not work the way I need you to!!!” When suddenly I flash back 20 years and I am standing in my sister’s bathroom, squeezing my contact in my finger, shaking my hand in the air while I cried out “You $#*%$^& piece of plastic, why, oh why, will you just not go into my eye!!!!”

Now of course, the contact usually took forever to go into my eye and the stupid data card just plain refused to work last night which brings home a very important point to me; I am not a patient person. Oh I try to be a patient person, in fact on a regular basis I convince myself that I am in fact a very patient person. But really I’m not. I constantly have to remind myself to just breathe and to refrain as much as possible from screaming irrational inanities at the poor innocent people and pieces of equipment that just plain refuse to do things at the pace I deem appropriate.

But really, sometimes we all just need our Scarlett O’Hara moments where we just shake our hand in the air while we cry out “As God is my witness, I will never go hungry again!”

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